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Rocking and Rolling!

Hello again,
It’s been a while since I have had chance to update on here, as I’ve been pretty busy!

Padstand is coming into its busy period, Xmas, and we are pleased to announce its brother, FireStand – in time for the Kindle Fire HD launch.

Shnuggle is doing fantastically, with our finalist entry into ThePitch2012 last weekend, followed by our stand at the BabyShow and being shortlisted in the Nursery Industry Awards next weekend!

With regards to freelance work, I’m contracting for Bombardier Aerospace in Belfast for a short term (6 month) contract, as well as managing a design project for an amazing new kind of baby travel system, as well as a great new commercial kitchen appliance. (Both top secret, for now!)

Although busy, I’m always looking to discuss new design projects, so if you have something on your mind, get in touch! adam@adammurphy.co.uk

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Thank god Xmas is over

So slowly getting back into the swing of working after a leisurely break…

I got a PS3 for Xmas from my lovely wife, in exchange for some diamond earrings – fair trade methinks!

Working on some designs for a pump chamber at present… not too exciting I know, but it pays the bills!

Meanwhile, Shnuggle is going ahead full-steam! Will be ordering first full production run of baskets and bedding, and looking to get into stores in Q1 2010…

So what else is knocking in the design world??? Well a new Android Phone, the Nexus. A new apple tablet? Coming for many many years now, maybe it’ll make it this Jan?

So, busy year ahead for 2010!

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