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Help! I need an arduino programmer!

OK, so I am working on a kitchen appliance, and I need a basic Arduino program writing. There will be 3 inputs (2 x switches, 1 x light sensor) and 4 outputs, (2 DC motors, 2 x Solenoids)

The program is as follows;

1. Press button 1.
2. Motor 1 runs until Light Sensor triggers
3. Solenoid 1 activates (2 second)
4. Press switch 2
5. Motor 2 runs for 5 seconds
6. Solenoid 2 activates for 2 seconds

Simple enough right!

Well I have an arduino board, 2 dual H-Bridge boards, 2 x geared DC motors and 2 x solenoids all ready to go.

I would need the thing wired up, and working and returned. (I’ll pay all postage costs)

Please get in touch if this is of interest…

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