The Amazing PadStand (iPad Stand)

A tower of PadStands

Hi There!

We are pleased to show you exclusive photos of the first production parts of PadStand our brand new iPad Stand.

Unlike other iPad stands, PadStand is soft, flexible and portable. It will not damage your iPad and can easily be taken anywhere!

You can pre-order your PadStand now at or keep an eye out in major retailers soon!


Announcing PadStand

We are pleased to announce our latest design, the PadStand, the softest stand for your iPad.

Made from a soft flexible material it’s light enough to carry anywhere but sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Guaranteed not to scratch or damage your iPad and costing just £9.99 PadStand is the ideal solution for the iPad.

Visit PadStand to learn more!

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Apple iPhone 4G – Marketing ploy

Hats off to Apple, they know how to market a product!

How to get the whole world talking about your upcoming device? ‘Lose’ one in a bar, wait for it to be found, remotely wipe it and say you want it back.

Genius! The dust from iPad is only just settling, and now the new iPhone is the hottest gadget around (again) and not due for 2 months.

That’s 2 months free, high profile marketing… a manufacturers dream!

ISO 9001 Audit – Phase 1 passed

So I have been working as a consultant for EPAS Ltd in Newry for the last 8 weeks working on their readiness for an Integrated Management System – revolving around ISO 9001. Using my past experience as an automotive designer, I have been able to help revise and update the working practises in the factory to meet the expectations of ISO 9001.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and worked closely with the management team at EPAS to ensure that their processes are up to date and functioning correctly.

Wednesday & Thursday were the phase 1 audit, which highlighted only a few minor issues, so phase 2 – The final audit is now planned for beginning of May.

A great process that really helps a company get to it’s barebones, and built up bit-by-bit to ensure a high quality, Health & Safety conscious company is born!

If you are planning to go for ISO 9001 then I can help you! Just drop me a line to discuss it further!

February already?

So Shnuggle is moving to the UK officially! Took is coming over from China as we speak.

Found all UK suppliers, and first production batch should be ready by close of March.

Meanwhile, I am working flat out on ISO9001 for a client – lots of process flow diagrams!

What else? iPad… looks good, maybe limited? Google slate coming soon, will it be better? Time will tell!

Thank god Xmas is over

So slowly getting back into the swing of working after a leisurely break…

I got a PS3 for Xmas from my lovely wife, in exchange for some diamond earrings – fair trade methinks!

Working on some designs for a pump chamber at present… not too exciting I know, but it pays the bills!

Meanwhile, Shnuggle is going ahead full-steam! Will be ordering first full production run of baskets and bedding, and looking to get into stores in Q1 2010…

So what else is knocking in the design world??? Well a new Android Phone, the Nexus. A new apple tablet? Coming for many many years now, maybe it’ll make it this Jan?

So, busy year ahead for 2010!

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Search light rescues insomniacs

I like to keep up to date with things that other people are coming up with, and figured I may as well blog about them too!

Just the cool and innovative stuff that I like will make it though!!!

First up:-

Kate Evans, a product designer, has created the LightSleeper, an egg-shaped device that projects a beam of light onto the bedroom ceiling to help insomniacs go to sleep.

Light Sleeper

Light Sleeper

via Daily Telegraph

Need a Product Designer?

Are you looking for a product designer or manufacturing specialist to help bring your new idea or invention to life? Then you have come to the right place. 

I have worked as a product designed for over 10 years for great big companies such as Ford, JCB, Bentley and Citroen, and some smaller ones too that you wont have heard of.

I am now working freelance to help start-up companies and small businesses realise their new product ideas!

If you want a confidential chat about your idea and what I can do to help you, please get in touch by email or

I look forward to hearing from you!

My Baby – Shnuggle

I don’t just do design for other people you know! Shnuggle is my baby! It’s for putting babies in.

Instead of traditional wicker Moses baskets, which are unhygienic, noisy, scratchy and weaken over time… you can soon buy Shnuggle, The Modern Moses Basket!

Made from a durable flexible polymer, Shnuggle is silent, Hypo-allergenic, Extremely Strong, and comes in a great choice of fabric designs.

This was my project from concept through to design through to manufacture – and we hope to have Shnuggle in the Shops very early in the new year! (Maybe even through a well known Baby Sleep Company…)

Visit the microsite at

Or follow us on

iPhone Case – New Project…

So a couple of guys I know really well at a great little company called “The Design Zoo” wanted me to come up with a design for a trophy case for an iPhone – for winning an online guitar competition… Here’s what I came up with!

What do you think?